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2019 Business Goals:

Run an awesome business


Make incredible content for social media



you only have time for one! ☹️

Queen of Social provides fresh daily content for your social media, so you can focus on running an awesome business.

for just $399 per month


Reduce your to do list and save time - have all your social posts professionally created for you.


Social content that works - our social wizards know what works and what doesn't on social.


Curated content - we tailor the content for your business and industry type.

“Amazing, creative, genius. Thanks Queen of Social for your empowering tools and vision to help people elevate their business.” Kimilla Grace

Kimilla Yoga

“Queen of Social revolutionised my online presence and got my social media up and running in no time. They understand social media, are very innovative and just nice guys to boot! Highly recommend.” Anonymous

“Thank you Queen Of Social for building our brand on social media. The content you created was up to date with what is trending now and the results spoke for themselves after we watched as our pages took off! We had increased Likes and Interactions on Facebook and Instagram, which lead to more enquiries for appointments and product purchases.” Justine Bell

Belle Beauty

How it works

1. You tell us about your business

2. We send you awesome content for the month

3. You post content on Facebook & Instagram

4. Relax, enjoy the likes and get back to your awesome business

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Frequently asked questions

Can I use the content on more than one social media page / account?

You may use the content on any social media account you like, but you must only use ONE account per social media channel.

Your business might have a Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest account. You may use the content on all of these accounts as you please. But if you business has 2 Facebook accounts and you want content for both, you’ll need 2 subscriptions. If you have 3 Instagram accounts and you want content for all 3, you’ll need 3 subscriptions.

Furthermore, you may not share the content with another person or business (even if you own it). That’s copyright infringement, and we do check regularly. Anyone caught in copyright infringement will be in a lot of trouble, and, potentially, will cost you far more money than just signing up for your own awesome account! What kind of business are you running, anyway, if you can’t afford our super-low monthly rates?


Will my competitors have the same content?

We believe in high quality content and spend a lot of time and energy creating every single post.

Your content will come from a library that we built ourselves. Some of this content may be used for other businesses, but you won’t see your competitor down the street using the same stuff we provide to you. Just let us know who your main competitors are and we’ll do our very best to make sure you get different content. We can’t guarantee that every single post will be 100% unique, but in most cases, thanks to our clever curators, this works out just fine for our clients.

What’s the catch?

There really, truly isn’t one! Just awesome content, 365 days a year, at one crazy low monthly price. Make sure you read our T&C’s before you hit the green lights so you know what the what is.

In a nutshell this is what happens after you sign up: first, you’ll tell us who you are and what you do. We then come up with great content that fits you and your business. Every month you’ll receive one post per day from us. To save you time, we’ll send you the month’s posts in one batch so you can schedule them on your various social media accounts.

There is no catch and no tricky fine print. If you don’t like us or don’t like what we send you and want to break up with us, simply email us with 14 days notice and we’ll stop sending you content. Because we start working on your content way before we send it, less than 14 days before your next payment date will still incur the monthly subscription fee.

So, I’ve got the content…what do I do now?

Follow our Facebook and Instagram pages to get free updates on the quickest and easiest ways to post the content we send you. If you want to learn more, we’ll be posting weekly tips and tricks to get you more likes, engagement and clients for your business. Down the track, we plan to host regular webinars and Q&A sessions all aimed at helping you grow your business via social media.

Can I have my logo and business colours added to the posts you create for me?

We’re Queen of all things YES! Just email, PM, DM or IM us (or anything else that floats your boat) and we’ll figure out a way to give you even more of what you want for a reasonable additional fee.